Are Drake and Taylor Swift dating? That's the rumor, with Twitter lighting up with responses after the two were seen close together at his recent birthday party. And the reports about the new couple don't stop there, with a new report from Hollywood Life revealing that Drake stepped up to offer Taylor advice when the "Blank Space" songstress got dissed by one of her frenemies.

When "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" (KUWTK) star Kim Kardashian dissed Swift, Drake showed his "soft spot" for Taylor by giving her advice, an insider told Hollywood Life.

Drake offers tips to Taylor Swift

"[Drake] wants Taylor to continue shining, ignoring all the haters, and stay all the way up," shared the source.

In addition, Drake reached out to Kim's husband Kanye West and to ask Kanye to intervene, according to the insider, who claimed that the rapper reportedly is so tired of having Kardashian shade Taylor that he texted Kanye to make the request.

"Drake stays on social media like it's a job and is aware of Kim's jab," explained the source. "He told [Kanye] that he's cool with him and Kim, but Taylor could use a little more respect!"

Kim Kardashian breaks social media silence to shade Taylor Swift?

When Kim returned to social media after weeks of silence, her first move appeared to be to diss Taylor, according to Look. In the wake of her horrifying Paris robbery, Kardashian had maintained social media silence.

But did she really break that silence specifically so she could throw shade at her frenemy in a way that outdoes the sophisticated Real Housewives of New York for being subtle?

Although she didn't post a message that dissed Swift, her first action in returning to Twitter was to "like" a tweet about how Taylor's ex Calvin Harris was throwing shade at Swift in his new "My Way" video.

Kim and Taylor as well as Kardashian's husband Kanye have been involved in a feud for years. Although it's had ups and downs, that feud heated up when Kim leaked a phone dialogue between Swift and West about his infamous "Famous" lyrics.

North West involved in dissing Taylor Swift?

However, there's another theory on the subtle shade that Kim allegedly threw at Taylor recently.

Kim has previously confessed that her daughter enjoys taking her cell phone. In the same way that Selena Gomez got tangled up in Angelina Jolie's and Brad Pitt's divorce drama, is it possible that the little girl grabbed mommy's phone again and accidentally "liked" that particular tweet?

The "like" reportedly no longer exists, but that hasn't stopped speculation that the feud is back on, with Drake getting involved.

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