The most anticipated Tamil film of the year "Kashmora" reached the theatres all around India on October 28, 2016. The film released on Thursday in the US.

The Cine Galaxy has the US theatrical rights. The film has been opened to packed houses in almost all release centres, and initial reports coming out from the theatres are positive in nature.

Audiences are praising the excellent computer graphics used in the film, and they are also lauding the dominant performance of lead actors, Karthi and Nayanthara.

'Kaashmora': Welcome to the world of fantasy

Many people, after watching the trailer of this movie believed that this Gokul directorial is a period movie just like "Baahubali".

But surprisingly, this is basically a fantasy film, and the story is narrated majorly in the contemporary age. Yes, there is a period background, but it forms less than one hour of the overall running time.

Public response in Chennai after first show:

Strong content is the major highlight of "Kashmora". The filmmaker has blended elements of fantasy and horror in right proportions, and it will surely take the audience to a new world of adventure.

Gokul has cleverly switched the past and present, and the character who shape the story in this Karthi's movie.

Karthi at his best

The film purely belongs to Karthi. The young actor has proved that he is such a blessed performer like his brother Suriya. He has excelled as the young Kashmora and the brave warrior.

Nayanthara and Sri Divya shared scintillating on-screen chemistry with Karthi, and it is a real treat to watch them.

Top class technical elements

The cinematography and VFX can be compared to International standards, and it has taken the standards of Kollywood films to a new level.

Box-office predictions

The movie is locking horns with Dhanush's "Kodi" at the box-office today. Even in the midst of this, Kashmora has fetched a decent opening show collections on day one. By the end of this weekend, this movie may collect Rs. 17-19 Crores from theatres in South India.

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