Survivorspoilers for Season 33 Episode 6 Millennials vs Gen X airing Wednesday October 26 show that there’s major drama over the reveal of whose got an idol plus Figgy and Taylor can’t keep their hands to themselves. Here are some spoilers for the next episode.

Showmance revealed – surprises no one

Figgy tells Ken that she and Taylor “kind of have a thing” which surprises no one in their tribe. Ken says “it’s obvious” and others pile on to the reveal. In some bonus footage from Season 33, we get a look at Taylor saying he doesn’t care if he loses the million bucks over her.

He says a million bucks is a few years of not working but having a partner like her in life could make it worth living. Ah, that’s sweet. Naïve, but sweet. Figgy was the one who declared the new tribe a “no showmance” zone but will back off and everyone will be annoyed at their antics.

Sneak peek at challenges

The #RewardChallenge and the #ImmunityChallenge have one water based and one land based shown in official Season 33 Episode 6 press photos. It seems that “Survivor” S33 has been heavy on water challenges, right?

And the water based challenge has the dreaded tilt table.

The tilt table element is driven up a notch this season by requiring two Survivors to operate it that must balance on a tiny block. So it’s balance on top of balancing and looks trickier than any tilt table we’ve seen in previous seasons.

Tilt table competitors are: Michaela and Hannah for Ikabula vs Zeke and Michelle for Vanua vs Figgy and Jessica for Takali.

Shin-whacking blind-folded frustration!

The blindfold challenge is back for “Survivor” Season 33 Episode 6. As usual there’s one person on high calling out directions to their blindfolded flock and it looks like a bruise-inducing trial and error process. Watching this one has to make your bones ache.

To make it worse, there are three tribes playing so that’s two other voices to drown out. Jay is the caller for Ikabula, Michelle for Vanua, and Figgy for Takali.

Those types of challenges typically prompt hurt body parts and hurt feelings.

“Survivor” Season 33 Episode 6 spoilers show ‘The truth works well’ should be another nail biter as the Millennials and Gen X competitors struggle to blend their personal styles and tribal conflict escalates when a snooper finds a hidden immunity idol in someone else’s bag – chaos ensues!

“Survivor” airs Wednesday October 26 on CBS.

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