Survivorspoilers for Season 33 Episode 5 Millennials vs Gen X airing on Wednesday October 19 show us that it’s a tribe swap when Jeff Probst tells the two tribes “drop your buffs” and we’ll see a mix of old and young as they blend into two all-new tribes.

Drop your buffs

In addition to the shake-up of tribes tonight, a “SurvivorSeason 33 rumor predictsanother tribal realignment on season 33 episode 6 with a split into three tribes of five people.Another “Survivor” rumor is an exile island component coming to Millennials vs Gen X.

Asplit-second shot from a recent promo video showing someone walking alone on a beach has led to this chatter.

Who resigned from the game?

But the big “Survivor” spoiler for season 33 episode 5 is the anticipated departure of Adam Klein. Looks like Adam may resignbecause of his mother’s health condition. On s33 e4, Adam dedicated the idol he found to his mom whom he said was a superfan.Adam’s mom had late-stage lung cancer (Stage IV), and reportedly lost her battle with cancer in the final days of filming of season 33.

The rumor is that Adam went home to be with his mother rather than continuing on with the reality TV competition.

The good news is that CBS sometimes gives players that are forced to leave the game the chance to come back and play again in a later season, so “Survivor” fans might see Adam Klein again.CBS is also known for show crossovers and lots more opportunities.

This would allow more time for the new tribe mates to get to know one another without the pressure of voting someone out.

Then again, if the Adam Klein step down turns out to be a rumor, it could be a standard episode complete with a Tribal Council.

Tribe splits and unexpected exits coming

We'll see the drop your buff tribe swap early on as the two tribes show up for a reward challenge and then it's on! Let's see how the Millennials and Gen X players get along once they're forced to share a campfire!

Survivor” season 33 episode 5 airs Wednesday, October 19, 2016 on CBS.

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