Tonight's "Survivor" episode, started off with more conversation footage. No one said they were angry at David for using his immunity idol on Jessica. David was seen, revealing that he was having regrets about using it on Jessica, and wasn't even sure why he did it.

Jessica kissed up to Ken

Jessica was seen, apologizing to Ken at one point for not believing him. She also revealed to him that she has a "Legacy Advantage" that she would've given to him if she would've gotten voted off. She also promised to share it with him later on down the road.

Ken accepted her apology, and they really seemed to be on the same page at that point.

A mad hunt for the immunity idol took place

Next, they showed just about everyone on the Gen X Tribe, really wanting to hunt down the immunity idol. However, it was David who ended up discovering it to replenish the idol he gave to Jessica.

The tribes swapped

Next, host Jeff Probst, showed up to tell them that they were doing a tribe swap. So, they went from just having 2 tribes to now having 3 tribes. Everyone drew buffs to see which tribe they would end up on.CeCe, Chris, Zeke, Michelle and David ended up on the Orange tribe.

Figgy, Taylor, Jessica, Adam and Ken landed on the purple tribe. Michaela, Bret, Sunday, Hannah, Will and Jay made up the Green tribe.

A few people were unhappy with their new tribe

During more conversation footage, Michaela revealed that she was not happy with her situation. Ken started working on getting Adam onboard as an ally. Michelle expressed that she got a horrible disadvantage, feeling like she's on the bottom of her new Orange tribe.

Chris and Zeke formed a pretty good rapport.

The Immunity Challenge had them diving for buoys

Next, they showed immunity challenge footage. It consisted of them, having to dive into the water and retrieve buoys. Then they had to shoot the buoys into a basket. The first tribe to make 5 shots, won immunity. Also, the 2nd tribe to get the 5 shots, won immunity.

The Green and Purple tribes won immunity

The Green tribe finished first, to claim the first immunity prize.

Then the Purple tribe finished in behind them to claim the 2nd immunity win, leaving the Orange, having to discuss who they were going to get rid of.

CeCe and Michelle were the main elimination targets

During more conversation footage, CeCe's name came up for elimination from Chris as he campaigned to get her out. However, Michelle mentioned to CeCe that she wanted to get Dave voted off. Then CeCe went and told David what Michelle said, causing David to think that maybe he needed stir up some more drama with his new immunity idol, which would ultimately result in Michelle's demise. So, Michelle and CeCe appeared to be the 2 main targets, heading into tribal council.

CeCe got the shaft with 3 votes

Next, they showed tribal council footage. During it, everyone talked game for a bit before casting their votes. At one point, Michelle actually mentioned that she would vote David out! Wow! After the votes were tallied, CeCe ended up getting 3 votes, and Michelle got 1 vote. So, with a whopping 3 votes, Chris' plan fell through to finally get CeCe ousted from the island. However, some stuff is going to go down between David and Michelle, for sure. Stay tuned.

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