The CW’s “Supernatural” is back tonight and season 12 starts out with a bang! Sam Winchester has been taken by the UK branch of the Men of Letters and it’s a painful ordeal as Sam faces torment. Mary Winchester is back from the dead and wants her son back.

Dean Winchester and the rest of the gang race to save Sam but there’s lots of other drama unfolding. Season 12 episode 1 finds Sam tied up in the back of a car but Mary is determined to get him back. After 33 years chilling in heaven, their old-school hunter mama is back in business.

Hitler and a strange family reunion.

After “Supernatural” Season 11 and the whole God and his evil twin sister thing, you’d think the Winchester boys had seen it all. But no. Hitler is in the mix. The Thule Society from Season 8 is back and trying to resurrect the leader of the Third Reich so that’s a problem. And there are other Euro twists.

The British branch of the Men of Letters, headed by Lady Toni Bevell, has a grudge against their American cousins and that’s why Sam was taken and tortured.

Turns out that after a major confrontation, we’ll see more of the MOL-UK branch working with the brothers.

Note that the title of tonight’s “Supernatural” Keep Calm and Carry On is an homage to the UK’s seminal World War II motivational phrase but how calm will Dean and Mary Winchester be knowing that Sam is in the hands of a dangerous group of hunters that hate them and all they stand for?

It’s a mother and child reunion…

Sam and Dean Winchester are blown away to have their mom back from the dead and she’s stunned by the hunters they’ve grown into and that they’re palling around with Castiel, an angel, and good old King of Hell Crowley.

Debuting this season is Rick Springfield as Lucifer’s new form since God’s sister broke his old container. The former “General Hospital” soap star and 80s rocker does a fiery turn as the fearsomefallen angel and we can only hope to see more of him as the season goes on.

“Supernatural” Season 12 starts tonight!

Season 11 was major with the biggest bads we’ve ever seen on “Supernatural” but if the promos show us anything, it’s that Season 12 is not to be underestimated. No doubt we’ll explore some mama drama, Hitler and friends show up in episode 5 and danger abounds.

Tune into The CW tonight at 9 pm for “Supernatural” season 12 episode 1 Keep Calm and Carry On.

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