In the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super witness the final battle between Goku, Vegeta and Trunks against Zamas and Black, which would end this saga of Trunks of the future, so that warriors traveled to this timeline with an ace up their sleeve to defeat once and for all the immortal Zamas, is the ancestral technique of Mafuba, also known as Evil Containment Wave.

What would happen?

As we know, the Z warriors get to the timeline of Trunks, Black was responsible for destroying the time machine, in order not to return to escape the main timeline.


For bad luck of our heroes, the container of Mafuba was inside so it broke into several pieces, with Bulma in charge of rebuilding and this in turn delegated the Trunks task, after being cured of his wounds from the battle with Black.

Realizing the useless container, Vegeta starts the fight indicating that this is his best style to kill their enemies, with Goku agreeing and joining him. Meanwhile Trunks would be responsible for mending the container for the Mafuba and this would be ready to seal what would be the Zamas gods fusion, already confirmed for the next episode.

But this does not end with the villains since the technique wouldn't be completed.

Maybe, because it was repaired, the container did not hold enough power to finish the art. Another reason would be that the abominable power of fusion Zamas will break the vase from within. Finally there is another theory that would lock up the merger, but for unknown reasons, in the strange environment of confinement, the merger separates and Black can leave, leaving the immortal god permanently locked, returning to what would be the final battle of this story arc.

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Why they chose the Mafuba technique?

In one of the recent episodes of Dragon Ball Super, we saw the advice of Piccolo, Goku went to seek help from Master Roshi, to learn the ancient technique he used at the time the master Mutaito to enclose the evil Piccolo Daimaō, it is the Mafuba. This technique ensures seal to be in a special vase, through a ritual that has a serious disadvantage, which consumes all vital of who performs energy, which is why both the teacher Roshi as his mentor Mutaito died when they practiced, both against Piccolo Daimaoh.

As this efficient technique to enclose the Namek, it would be equally useful to get rid of the immortal God Kaioshin that prevents Black is defeated, by the same of his immortality, there would be no conventional way to end the God of the universe tenth.

The fact that they will ultimately will have to use the technique of Mafuba, is because that would not have been necessary to recall a technique for so long, giving prominence in terms of training Goku with the turtle Unigame and even making Trunks deal with repair the vase when it could easily be fighting alongside the other two warriors.


Something completely mistaken if only served to fill the series and give an excuse to return to the future.