A request from a son to his mother has gone viral on Facebook. That's because it is a touching story. When theschool opened this season, Dylan Duran asked his mother, Josette, to pack an extra Lunch for him. Josette knows her 14-year-old son is a growing teenager, but she didn't think he could eat two lunches. When Dylan explained his special request for two lunches, his mother understood clearly.

Two lunches

The teenager explained to his mother why he requested two lunches. He was going to eat only one lunch, but he was going to give the extra lunch to a boy who sits alone and eats only a fruit cup.

Dylan and his mother didn't think the boy had enough money to buy lunch. After his request, the Albuquerque, New Mexico ninth grader never left the house again for school without two lunches; one for himself and one for the boy who used to eat only a fruit cup.

The extra lunch

Dylan took a chance by offering the boy a lunch bag. He didn't know ifthe boy would accept it the first day. However, the boy accepted it and was thankful to get it. Dylan and his mother learned that the boy's mother had lost her job and couldn't afford to give her son money for lunch.

She did the best she could. Duran was more sympathetic after she learned the story about the boy's mother. She and Dylan had been homeless four years ago and had to rely on others for food and a place to stay. Sometimes they lived in their car. Now that Dylan and his mother are self-sufficient, they wanted to help someone else.

The boy's mother

The boy's mother offered to pay Dylan and his mother for the lunches when she found out what they were doing.

The Duransrefused to accept money. In fact, they went one step further and raised $200 to pay the school cafeteria for all the students who couldn't pay for their own lunches. What Dylan and his mother had done was posted on Facebook on October 14. The posting has been viewed more than 12 million times and shared over 202,000 times. What do you think about this touching story that started when one student saw another student eating only a fruit cup for lunch?

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