The rumors have been flying that Josh Duggar would be back on "Counting On" again. Now it looks like this might really happen, and if it does Josh will be on the show just a little at a time and then they will start having him on the show even more. The Hollywood Gossip shared about what is rumored to be happening with Josh Duggar now. The fans are going to have really mixed feelings about the fact that he may be coming back to the show.

Is Josh Duggar going to be returning to "Counting On"?

The spoilers are saying that in the next few weeks Josh Duggar will be on the show, but you won't get to see him a lot.

It will just be a simple shot or two of Josh. Then at that point, they will start to put Josh on the show "Counting On" more and more, so that fans hardly even notice and then they are just used to seeing Josh on the show. They have kind of started doing this with their social networks. Josh wasn't on there at all before, but just last week they wished him a happy anniversary.

Could this kill "Counting On"?

It turns out that bringing Josh Duggar back could end up killing "Counting On." The show has been doing well, but advertisers have already pulled out.

A lot of companies don't want anything to do with Josh and his scandal. If they lose advertisers, it would be hard to keep the show even going. Everyone would be shocked if the Duggars ended up having another show taken off the air. That would probably be the end of their time on reality television if it were to happen.

Right now, the viewers are really enjoying getting to see Duggar family on the show.

Jinger and Jeremy's courtship has been great to watch and it looks like he will propose next week. They love seeing Jill and Jessa with their children. These are the things that need to stay on the air to keep the fans happy.

What do you think about the idea of Josh Duggar possibly joining "Counting On"? Do you think that Josh would end up causing the Duggars to lose their entire show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Counting On" when they air on TLC on Tuesday nights.

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