South Park has never shied away from controversial topics and in their celebration of their 20th season on Comedy Central, they are bringing their edgy humor stronger than ever. This season, the successful sitcom's satire is focused on the major issues and topics that America is facing today.

Social media satire

One of the most hilarious aspects that is plaguing America in which South Park pokes fun at is the obsession with Social Media. All of the characters in their cartoon world use social media and once one of the characters decides to delete their accounts due to cyber bullying they treat that individual as if they have committed suicide, implying that once one is off Social Media they have lost touch with the world around them.

It brings light to how attached people are to platforms such as Facebook and makes one realize how silly and absurd our society has become due to social networks.

Online trolls satire

In expanding on the topic of Social Media use, South Park delves into the world of internet trolls. This is a further issue the cartoon series brings to light as they make trolls out to be monsters and obsessive individuals with an addiction for bullying people online. South Park effectively portrays real life trolls and makes the viewer realize how conniving and evil these individuals who hide behind their computer truly are.

Presidential race satire

One of the most evident and funny forms of satire that South Park has used so far through their 20th season is their depiction of the 2016 presidential race. The character Mr. Garrison is used to represent Donald Trump and is named Douche in the episodes in order to paint the picture of how many view Donald Trump and his wild antics. However, South Park does not hold back on also ridiculing Hillary Clinton as they create her image as a repetitive candidate who does not even pay attention to what Donald Trump says, but rather has the same prepared response to all of his statements.

Collin Kaepernick satire

As Collin Kaepernick created a huge media storm surrounding him not standing for the national anthem due to social injustices, the show jumped at the opportunity to give their version of the highly discussed protest. In their latest episode that aired last night, the character Butters led a male student protest during the national anthem against the girls in which the PA announcer was heard saying "Please sit, stand, or kneel for the national anthem." This form of satire suggested how the national anthem protests are getting out of hand and how other foolish protests can occur following Collin Kaepernick's.

One thing is for sure, the show is not missing out on making fun of the biggest topics facing American culture and will do everything in its power to expose all issues facing the nation. You do not want to miss out on what or who they will target next and that is why South Park is still alive and well on Comedy Central and is still regarded as one of the most anticipated weekly shows on TV.

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