Why is everybody always picking on me? Perhaps that should be Trump'snew slogan. In recent days, Donald Trump has suggested thatthe media and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim areconspiring against him. Now the late-night comedy sketch and variety show "Saturday Night Live"is anotherseed planted in the minds of Trump supporters as part of the rigged system. According to an early morning tweet by Trump, "SNL"is no longer funny due to their “hit job” on him. The show is boring, unfunny and should retire. Furthermore, he thinks Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him stinks.

What Trump does not seem to understand is that everyone does not fawn over him, or any other candidate including Hillary Clinton for that matter.

There are loads of intelligent people in America who do not limit themselves to one source for gathering information about each nominee. And just because one sect does not seem as excited as another does not mean they aren’t fire up. It is very dangerous to spin conspiracy theories to people who are susceptible to believing every word a person says. Stoking people into violence with promises of bloodshed if Clinton is elected through subliminal messaging should be eye-opening. What about this says “responsibility” to you, the professed evangelical leaders?

Could another Emmy be within reach for Baldwin and McKinnon?

Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump and Emmy winner Kate McKinnon’s portrayal of Hillary Clinton has received rave reviews since the show’s season premiere last weekend.

In last night’s cold open, Baldwin reenacted Trump’s looming presence over Clinton during the second debate as the theme to "Jaws" played in the background. Maybe this is what has Trump riled up. Or was it the skit "Melanianade"where several cast members played the part of the women in Donald Trump’s life?

In that sketch, the women portrayed the parts of Melania (wife), Ivanka (daughter), Kellyanne Conway (the mouthpiece), Omarosa Manigault (only black friend) and Tiffany Trump who changes her name to Tiff Maples. All of them threatened to leave Trump thanks to all his scandals. "SNL"has always been an equal opportunity mocker, given the material at hand.

Even Clinton took a hit as McKinnon tried to relate to an audience member.

After the funny stops.

At some point, everyone should concede that a leader leads not by always laying blame or falsifying things which are so easily proven. Trump even told those in attendance at a rally in NC that it was Hillary who walked in front of him during the second debate. Did he not think his supporters watched the debate? Writers Michael Che and Colin Jost told Politico that they had to edit out anything that made Trump look silly when the GOP candidate hosted "SNL"last October. If you cannot take parody, what will you do when others come for you, jokingly or not? Who is next as part of this lame collusion theory?

The Boys Scouts of America? Let’s be reasonable. Everyone is not going to win and it is not because there is some darkroom conspiracy. It is because each person votes for a person of his or her choice based upon what they like or dislike about a candidate. Period.

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