Mocking has never been so good thanks to the 2016 presidential election. On November 7th at 10 p.m. EST, America’s favorite (except Donald Trump’s) sketch comedy show will be back to super-size the foolishness. After all, come Tuesday night, some of us may still be laughing to keep from crying. The ‘Saturday Night Live’ special with feature a collection of some their best political skits.

No doubt Alec Baldwin will be present to continue his “hit job” impersonation of Donald J. Trump and Emmy winner Kate McKinnon will also be on hand to mercilessly satirize Hillary Clinton. The audience will probably be treated to one or two hilarious impressions of Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton, performed by Larry David and Darrell Hammond, respectively.

So far, the writers have not disappointed the viewers. The opening skits for season 42 have received more than a fair share of rave reviews thanks to the brilliant performances of Baldwin and McKinnon. The two of them absolutely slay as our current Republican and Democratic nominees.

A Monday night to remember

Naturally, real nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be too busy to make an appearance but a surprise cameo from alumni Will Ferrell as George W. Bush would be icing on the cake. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Besides, Trump thinks Baldwin’s portrayal of him stinks. Sorry, but Alec Baldwin’s accurate mimicking has tickled plenty of American’s funny bones.

Weekend Update

Michael Che and Colin Jost’s “Weekend Update” segment is sure to keep us in a comical hangover well into Wednesday morning.

As nail biting as the 2016 presidential race has been, it certainly provided a silver lining for the long-running show and may result in several Emmy nods for cast members and special guests. Currently, “SNL” is averaging 7.322 million viewers and is celebrating its most-watched season in eight years.

So, sorry Mr. Trump. Apparently, there are not enough people who think “Saturday Night Live” is boring and should be cancelled. Now that’s something he can actually take credit for.

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