The TLC reality show 'Sister Wives' is in trouble as it is waning in the ratings, making the wait for official word of another season a nail-biting event for Kody Brown. If that isn't enough, the family structure is imploding as Kody Brown's wives have basically found individual voices of their own.

When 'Sister Wives' first broke on the scene a few years back it was an oddity., Kody and his brood were living a lifestyle most have heard about, but seldom witnessed. When the show first aired thewives were subservient to Kody Brown, and they really didn't have too much of a say in the direction Kody was leading them.

Subservient wives

As the seasons went by and the family grew from three sister wives to four, the women became the real stars of the show as viewers attempted to sort out just what it is these women see in this type of marriage. Better yet, folks wanted to explore the benefits of a plural marriage as it played out between Kody and the women he had "spiritually" married. The sister wives were not only popping out a family of offspring for Kody Brown, but they made his every wish come true!

Polygamy benefits

Oddly enough some benefits were seen, but most saw a very negative side to this type of cohabitation of multiples. The sister wives were basically great friends and very sister-like as they helped with the raising of all the children. They had more help sharing the responsibilities of child-rearing than they would in a traditional marriage. Kody was just a figurehead breezing in and out of the houses that each wife occupied with their children.

The women were there for each other while raising all the kids together. They treated the kids as if each child were their own biological offspring. That is enticing to a mom raising a brood today because of all the stories you hear about childcare providers, not to mention the cost. The "Sister Wives" offered a support system to each other that you won't find in a traditional marriage, but that is about where the benefits stopped.

Plural marriage woes

When your husband is hopping in and out of three other beds besides yours, there is going to be jealousy. The sister wivesadmitted a few times over the years that there was plenty of jealousy. While the show started out as wives basically attending to every need of Kody Brown, something happened during the seasons; the wives started to develop concerns with their own wants and needs.

Individual voices

The women weren't questioning Kody's decisions when "Sister Wives" aired its first season; they seemed to follow their husband's lead no matter what direction he was taking them all.

That changed, as today they all have a voice of their own and they are questioning if this lifestyle is fair to what they need. You saw the result of this when Meri started what she thought was an online romance, which turned out to be a scam.This catfish scam started because she was as a lonely wife in a polygamous marriage and it ended up leaving Meri indevastation, as The Hollywood Gossip reported.

Kody's quest for almighty dollar implodes

Kody's relentless quest to become rich without working has backfired big time. He has four very disenchanted wives contemplating divorce if you believe the rumors.

In the meantime, Kody has developed a ploy to bring the viewers back to his show by taking on two new and much younger wives. This might just be the final straw for the four sister wives of Kody Brown. The Parent Journal reports there may be a spin-off show in the works.

A spin-off for the 'Sister Wives' without Kody?

The "Sister Wives" may startnew lives without Kody, whichseems to be the rumored plot circulating across the social media sites. The women became the true stars of this show, as viewers found Kody as arrogant and selfish. If this is the case, TLC may have another big hit in the works.

This will also do some good for these four women to go out and find a relationship where they are treated the way they deserve to be treated.

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