It looks like "Sister Wives" is causing a lot of nail biting for Kody Brown as TLC has not yet picked up the show for another season. The patriarch of this four-wife family has done just about everything in his power to entice TLC to pick up another season of his show, but his cartwheels don't seem to be working!

Talk of spinoffs galore!

Whispers of a spinoff show starring Kody's soon-to-be-married daughter, Mykelti Brown, are circling online. This wouldn't fare well for Kody, who fashions himself as the star of the "Sister Wives" show.

If you think he can look disenchanted now when something doesn't go his way, think about what making him just one of her extended family would do to him! Kody appears to enjoy the spotlight way too much to ever step aside, but he might not have a choice in the matter if the rumors ring true!

Will a traditional marriage take over the airways?

According to Ecumenical News, Mykelti Brown, Kody's oldest daughter, is aiming for a traditional marriage whereshe will be her husband's only wife. This young girl has captured quite the fan base partially because she has set her sights on getting out of the life of polygamy when it comes to her own marriage.

When her husband-to-be popped the question, this seemed to even strengthen her fan base.

Mykelti's long-time boyfriend thought of everything when asking her for her hand in marriage. He picked a romantic setting of a waterfall as the backdrop for this big evernt. Mykelti is excited for the prospects of sharing her wedding and life as a newlywed in a spinoff reality show.

A spin-off of Janelle getting into shape?

Preparations for the wedding and the weddingceremony was something Mykelti was hoping to share with the viewers of "Sister Wives," but that is looking less and less probable as time goes on without a contract for another season. The life of Mykelti is just one of the rumored spinoffs and another concerns one of Kody's four wives.

That would be Janelle, who is the heavier wife out of all of Kody's four wives.

Her struggle with her weight has been something fans have seen through the seasons of "Sister Wives." For a spinoff show, fans might get to see Janelle take on a fitness regiment and attempt lose the weight. Again these two possible scenarios for a spinoff show are rumors, but with all that is going on today with Kody and his sister wives, the show could be canceled in lieu of a spinoff show.

What's next for 'Sister Wives?'

Fans are waiting anxiously for some word on what they can expect next from the Brown family. Will "Sister Wives" return or will Myketi or Janelle get a spinoff show?

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