Actor Shia LaBeouf, 30, appears to have married his girlfriend of four years, Mia Goth, 23, in a ceremony in Las Vegas yesterday. The two were seen in wedding attire entering one of the many wedding chapels in Vegas and LaBeouf live streamed the event, although the video was later taken down. The two met on the set of "Nymphomaniac II"in 2012 and worked together again on a music video which LaBeouf directed in 2014.In addition to "Nymphomaniac II,"Mia Goth appeared in two movies in 2015: "Everest"and "The Survivalist."Not much is known about the British-born actress who got her start as a model at 13.

Another LaBeouf stunt

In the last few years, LaBeouf has been known more for his unconventional stunts than his movies. In 2014, he famously walked the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival, where he was supposed to promote "Nymphomaniac," wearing a paper bag over his head which read 'I am not famous anymore'. He was also accused of plagiarizing the work of graphic novelist Daniel Clowes earlier the same year. For six days in February 2014, he participated in a performance where he sat crying in front of visitors, called #IAmSorry.

Given these odd displays of what LaBeouf considers 'metamoderist performance art' and the fact that neither LaBeouf's nor Goth's representatives have confirmed the ceremony as real, no one except LaBeouf and Goth know for sure if the marriage is real.

LaBeouf and Goth's relationship ups and downs

The two have had their ups and downs during their four year Relationship, just like everyone else. In July 2015, when LeBeouf visitedGoth in Germany while she was shooting Gore Verbinski's "A Cure for Wellness"and the twohad a heated argument that almost turned violent before locals intervened and drove LaBeouf to the airport.

However, the two had apparently made up by this past January when they were seen kissing in the middle of a street in Los Angeles.

Guess we will just have to wait and see if this is true love or another piece of 'metamoderist performance art.'

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