"The Real Housewives of Orange County" took Ireland by storm. What was supposed to be a fun trip turned into complete chaos once a little alcohol was thrown into the mix.Shannon Beador is now being accused of setting up Kelly Dodd to be the punching bag after a night of drinking.

Shannon Beador orders doubles

While watching the episode in real time, plenty of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" fans were tweeting along with some of the ladies. When it came to the point where Shannon Beador was pushing Kelly Dodd to drink after she had politely declined, things changed up.

She went ahead and ordered her a drink anyway and then proceeded to leave the table and request each drink be made a double. This looked intentional though Beador is denying she meant anything by it.

According to All About the Tea, Twitter was harsh on Shannon Beador and quickly joined team Kelly Dodd. These two have been having a war of words across the social media platform for weeks. At first, there wasn't a clear reason that Dodd was attacking Beador or why Gretchen Rossi and Lizzie Rovsek turned up to support Kelly.

Now that the trip has aired and it was shown how it all went down, the attack appeared to be premeditated. All of the ladies know that when Dodd drinks she gets mouthy and Beador tried extra hard to get her to that next level.

Heather Dubrow defends Shannon

Heather Dubrow appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" directly after "The Real Housewives of Orange County" aired and defended what Shannon Beador did.

In fact, she also took up for her when some rather ugly comments were made. Dubrow is generally very quiet when things like this happen, being careful to remain neutral in the situation. It was shocking to fans to hear what she had to say about the situation and where she stood.

A few weeks ago photos surfaced of Kelly Dodd's birthday party. Only Vicki Gunvalson was in attendance. It was unclear why the other ladies weren't invited but after seeing the cast trip, there is no question as to why they were reportedly snubbed.

Shannon Beador stirred the pot hard in Ireland and months later, things are still bad between the ladies.

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