Alright, so last night after Showtime aired the 3rd episode of the "Shameless'" 7th season, they served up a whopping 3 new sneak peek/spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming 4th episode of the season. I just got done watching them and they look funny and wild as ever as we get a look at Svetlana's weird father trying to feed children food from a knife. Frank is spotted, giving his new family chores to do.

Showtime released one promo and 2 sneak peek solo scene clips

Alright, so the episode is entitled, "I Am a Storm." Actually, the first clip in this line up, is the basic spoiler promo clip that gives us a glimpse at a couple of different scenes that will be going down.

The other 2 clips are sneak peek looks at single scenes that will be shown.

Svetlana gives Deb really bad advice

The promo clip shows us Frank coming up with a plan that will ensure that they can do all their drugs indoors. Then it shows a brief look at Frank, giving his new family a whole bunch of chores to complete for him. Kevin is seen, lightly confronting Svetlana's father over some sex slavery issues. Svetlana is seen, giving Debsome horrible advice that involves getting someone to just take care of her, so she never has to do anything.

At one point, Deb is spotted, screaming: "we got a date!"

Fiona expresses much anger and frustration

To cap the promo clip off, Fiona is seen, very ticked off, claiming she's been taking care of everyone but herself for the past 10 years, and she's done! You tell them, Fiona.

Svetlana's father acts very weird

Next up, is the first sneak peek clip. They've titled it: "The Only Gramps These Guys Got." In it, we see Kev, just waking up and pleased to see that Svetlana's father appears to have the kids, sitting quietly and behaving well.

However, things slightly turn in the other direction when Svetlana's father tries to feed the kids from a knife. The clip caps off with the old man, appearing to understand, but who really knows, since he doesn't appear to speak any English, whatsoever.

Frank gets everyone to do chores for him

Lastly, the 2nd sneak peek clip, which is titled: "Psychological Warfare," shows Frank, talking up a storm to his new family, telling them to go look for furniture that's been left out on the street, because the realty company is busy taking back all the furniture they currently have in the house.

From there, Frank is seen, getting this new family of his to basically buy all of his nonsense, which really just results in them doing a lot of chores for him. I wouldn't have expected anything less from Frank. Check them out, below.

Episode 4 is currently scheduled to air on Sunday night, October 23rd, 2016 at 9pm Eastern Standard Time on Showtime. Stay tuned.

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