Showtime’s Shameless” spoilers for season 7 episode 4 on Sunday October 23 show more of Frank Gallagher dealing with angry neighbor who don’t want his start-up homeless shelter on the block. Frank finds a flier on a car on the street advocating for their neighborhood to be a “homeless free zone.”

Not in my backyard.

Frank goes to the neighborhood meeting and promises he and the rest of his crew will do drugs and beat each other up only indoors and says “just like the rest of you folks.” Frank slaps up a sheet of house policies and then tells new Fiona to turn tricks a block away.

Fiona Gallagher has started charging a monthly squirrel share to each of the siblings and Debbie is desperate to find a way to churn her required $300 a month. Svetlana tells Debbie that she’s a kept woman and Debbie should find a man to support her.

Debbie decides to market herself with a series of sexy selfies and seems to hit pay dirt because she proudly tells baby Harry “we’ve got a date!” Not only is Fiona laying down the law about finances but she’s also enjoying some freedom because she’s refusing to be at their beck and call.

Russian rebellion.

Kevin Ball is pleased when he wakes up and finds Svetlana’s dad is watching the three kids so he got an extra couple hours of sleep. There’s Russian music playing and the kids all seem mellow. Kevin says Svet’s dad is the “only gramps these kids got.”

Kevin says he wishes her dad and Vee had gotten off to a better start and says his one wife doesn’t like how he sold the other off into sex slavery.

Vee comes in and freaks when the Russian goes to feed a slice of fruit to one of the kids off his giant knife.

Kevin intervenes and teaches him to feed the kids with his hands, not the knife. He babbles in Russian and Kevin seems satisfied. Vee clearly is not but since both Svetlana and Kevin like having Gramps around, what can she do?

Showtime's "Shameless" season 7episode 4airs on Sunday October 23, 2016.

Promo trailer for “Shameless” season 7 episode 4:

Extended trailer for “Shameless” season 7 episode 4

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