In some pretty surprising news of the day, actress Shailene Woodley was just arrested early Monday morning while peacefully protesting for trespassing! The most shocking part? It happened during a live stream the “Divergent,” actress was holding on Facebook for fans and followers to see.

Shailene has been a passionate advocate in raising awareness to the repercussions of the Dakota Access Pipelinein both interviews and social media. She wanted fans and those believed in the cause to see the next step being taken now that the US Court of Appeals decided to deny the injunction that would halt construction.

The Next Big Step.

In the middle of the protest, the riot police arrived as Shailene raised awareness to her fans by speaking out in what she believed were the manipulations caused by the media to stop awareness being raised about the cause.

Towards the end of her stream, as she walked towards her car, the actress was stopped by a police officer. Turning the camera around, as to not film any video of the scenario but continuing to keep the sound going, the officer can be heard talking to Shailene as she tells her friend to continue recording.

Streaming Live.

The actress then informed fans that she was grabbed by her jacket and not allowed to continue walking back towards her vehicle as she intended to do.

Afterwards, the officers informed Shailene that their conversation could not continue and she would be placed under arrest. The actress then questioned the validity of arrest, asking why she was the only one being singled out, if it had anything to do with her status as a celebrity or if it was because she had forty thousand people watching the entire situation play out.

Do You Know Who I am.

The officers then informed the “Fault In Our Stars,” actress that she was identified, to which she responded to those watching her stream that she indeed was going to be placed under arrest for trespassing, even though she was not the only one who was in attendance of the protest.

The actress was one of 26other protestors who were arrestedearlier this morning.

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