Selena Gomez hasn't had an easy year. She's struggled with lupus, gotten involved in an Instagram war with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber and even had to take time off from her career due to symptoms linked to lupus, including depression. Now, after announcing the cancellation of the rest of her Revival Tour due to those symptoms, Gomez suddenly is getting branded as the anti-Cupid of celebrity couples, with reports making her responsible both for the divorce of Brangelina and the split of Bieber and Sofia Richie.

Selena Gomez acts like mom to Brad's and Angelina's six kids?

Angelina Jolie allegedly discovered her husband Brad Pitt with Selena, according to GameNGuide.

Pitt and Gomez reportedly had hooked up while Jolie was out of town, but she returned to catch them together. Moreover, Selena is described as acting motherly to Brad's and Angelina's six children. Gomez and Pitt romance rumors began when she was spotted flirting with him during a party after the Golden Globes. Those rumors were followed by reports that Jolie had discovered Selena's photos on Brad's phone.

Sofia Richie, Justin Bieber breakup blamed on 'Kill 'Em With Kindness' singer?

And the negative news involving Selena doesn't end with Brangelina. Gomez also is getting linked to the breakup between her former boyfriend Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie, according to iTechPost. And the reasons for blaming Selena are more complicated than figuring out which reality TV star to believe during a Real Housewives reunion.

Gomez allegedly had a "meltdown" over Bieber's relationship with Richie, subsequently announcing the cancellation of her tour. Following that shocking announcement, Justin and Sofia broke up, with Selena somehow getting blamed for that split.Since Bieber and Richie broke up, some fans have hoped that Gomez and Justin will reunite, noted HNGN.

However, Bieber has been reportedly avoiding Selena, even though she went public with her struggles over lupus, anxiety and depression. Is it realistic for "Jelena" (Justin Bieber + Selena Gomez) followers to wish for the couple to reignite their romance?

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