"Little Women: LA" is a sensational reality series about the friendships and rivalries of a group of little people. The informative yet entertaining show inspired similar programs such as: "Little Women: NY," "Little Women: Atlanta," and "Little Women: Dallas." However, the spunky and sassy star Terra, takes her attitude to another level. She is on the 23rd season of "Dancing With The Stars." Her charm, ability and determination shine on-screen, and fans swoon with every spin, dip and twirl. However, will she and her partner Sasha Farber beat the remaining contestants?

Only your vote can save them from elimination.

Will these two dancers perform into first place?

Even though Terra stands at 4-feet, 2-inches, her stature is no match for her bright personality, bubbly persona and big moves. Her diagnosis of Achondroplasia is acommon type of dwarfism, andbone growth can present a multitude of challenges.Hypotonia, macrocephaly, apnea and lordosis are normalproblems for theselittle people.However, Terra does not let science deter her from her dreams. Just two weeks after her second Caesarian section, she commits to long, grueling hours of constant movement and memorization.

Even if Terra and Sasha lose, they are still winners. The groundbreaking decision to incorporate a little person into a popular, televised competition is proof of society's tolerance and acceptance. Just because a person is shorter does not equate to that person's aura, talent, accomplishments and character.

Terra has two inspirations

Her two babies, Penelope and "Dartanian," are her world. She wants to show them that anything is possible, and dwarfism can be an asset rather than a disadvantage.

Terra told ABC News, "I want them to see that they can do it, too. I don't want them to feel like there's limitations out there."Her children have a wonderful mother with a beautiful spirit, a fiery resolve andnoticeable talent. Her children will know a mother with unbelievable amounts of flair and achievable potential.

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