The "Orange Is The New Black" star Samira Wiley (29) and the writer Lauren Morelli (31) are engaged. The pair reported through Instagram that they are ready to marry and chose one word to say:'Yes',showing a beautiful engagement ring.The actress and the writer have been dating for two years, they feel they are soulmates and want to be together forever.

Samira and Lauren

The actress and the writer met while filming "OITNB." There Samira Wiley plays the role of Poussey Washington and Lauren Morelli is a writer on the show.

Wiley was single and Morelli was married to a man, the TV producer Stephen Basilone. The interesting thing is that Morelli realized she was lesbian while writing for 'OITNB,' where she found herself and published an essay explaining the dicovery process of hertrue sexuality. She says, among other things, she had fallen in love with a woman and was happy in doing so, and being able to find that with someone else.

"Orange Is The New Black" tells the story of a group of women in prison, but also about people seeking to find themselves and that's what happened to Lauren and Samira.

The famous TV series is working for people to be freed from their prejudices and see on television the others forms of love. It is no coincidence that "Orange Is The New Black" has received many awards in the country and abroad. Good quality is rewarded and this television series deserves all the awards received.

For fans of the show

The Netflix original series has secured three more seasons and the fans could not be happier.

Netflix executives are aware of the success of the show and want to extend it until 2019. No one knows the fate of the characters, whether there will be replacements or new characters to provide new stories. Producers want to keep the essence of the show that revolutionized the common series. The show itself is a pioneer in many aspects: lesbian love, prison life, and the overall way of presenting those stories.

The one thing that's certain is that fans will get so see the show for several more years to come.

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