Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann have six children together and are doing great so far. Now the rumors are flying that Kim could have another baby on the way. If so, this would be her seventh child, but they seem to be able to take care of the kids just fine. In Touch Weekly shared about what Kim did that actually fueled these rumors about a baby on the way.

What did Kim Zolciak say to make everyone think she was going to have another baby?

Kim was seen leavingtheEpione plastic surgery center in LA hand in hand with Kroy.

The thing is it looks like she has a baby bump. Kim has a bump of some kind and everyone has seen numerous pictures of her online that show that she is super skinny. Kim doesn't have a fat stomach, so could she be pregnant again? It does look like that could be the case.

So far, Kim Zolciak isn't sharing her thoughts on if she really is pregnant or not. She said she was there to "get those cellulite dimples perfected." The fans are going to just have to wait on Kim and Kroy to let them know if she is pregnant or not.

On "Don't Be Tardy," Kim and Kroy have discussed that they want other children in the future possibly. Kim even went in to check on the idea of getting her eggs frozen just in case.Kim married Kroy in 2011 and he adopted her oldest daughters Brielle, 19, and Ariana, 14. They are from a previous relationship. Kim and Kroy also have four biological children together that are named Kroy, Jr., 5, Kash, 4, and twins Kaia and Kane.

They call Kroy Jr. by the name of KJ all the time.

Fans would love to hear that Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are going to have another child together. They make beautiful babies and this would also help them to be able to keep their show around a bit longer because it would make for a great storyline. Hopefully, they will share with fans soon.

Are you shocked at the idea that Kim Zolciak could be pregnant again?

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