How many times have you been to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"? Which characters have you dressed up as? Do you know all the cliche lines to yell out at just the right time? Well, break out the six inch heels and get ready for a trip down memory lane. It is time to "Time Warp Again!"

Tonight anewly married couple will be on a desolate road when their car breaks down. As they seek shelter from a storm, they find themselves in what seems at first to be a crazy nightmare. Brad (Ryan McCartan) and Janet (Victoria Justice) are a straight-laced couple that have stumbled into a world they aren't ready for.

Tim Curry won't be there to lead them off the straight and narrow path but Laverne Cox will make him proud as the new Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

The "Rocky Horror Picture Show" was very ahead of its time when it came out in 1975. Sexual awakening, cross dressing and homosexuality are all openly accepted now but to put it in perspective, we had President Ford in the White House when Tim Curry introduced us to Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Tim Curry tells the story!

It wouldn't be the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" without our beloved Tim Curry, who suffered a stroke back in 2012. He will be the narrator for the movie as it airs on Fox at 7PM Central time this evening as the Criminologist.Unfortunately Richard O'Brien has actually criticized the remakeof the movie as well as the casting.

He was the songwriter for the original music and to co-writer of the script.

According to CNN Entertainmentthe reason Fox was willing to take on this venture is clear. This one is about commerce. To bring back the merchandise and get the sales flowing again. After all, it has been over 40 years since the original.

Critics are not impressed

Critics say that in an attempt to tone it down a bit for TV, the remake has lost a lot of what made it so wonderful the first time. That feeling that you were doing something naughty and almost rebelling for enjoying it so much. As nice as it is to see a cult classic come back, the critics say this remake is a miss.

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