'Rob & Chyna' (the surprising TV hit of the year), could be canceled due to a couple problems. E! executives can not get Rob and Chyna to film together. They think Rob is depressed again and there will not be a second season of the show. He will become the father of a baby girl in a few days and the producers hope that Rob is stable and in good spirits with the arrival of his first child. E! executives think about the TV future of Blac Chynaindividually,because they see a big reality star in her.

Rob's temper is unpredictable, which makes the television producers nervous, as they no longer know what to do with him.

His problems

Rob and Chyna are living in hell because he is depressed and overweight again. Chyna offers training and healthy eating so that he feels better about himself, but he believes she is insulting and calling him fat. Chyna just wants to help but he stopped trusting her because of his own insecurities. Shestopped listeningto some music because he thinks she'd rather be with a rapper.

Rob does not leave his house, he did not even attend the baby shower dedicated to his daughter. He was also angry because his sisters didn't invite Chyna to the event, then he published Kylie's cell number on Twitter.

A troubled couple

Chyna suspected that Rob was cheating on her with another woman who also published his cell numberon Twitter, as punishment. They stood out for being a troubled couple from the beginning and thanks to that they have their own reality show.

TV producers think that´s what people want to watch on television. They were right: 'Rob & Chyna' is the surprising TV hit of the year, but there's no telling how long it will last because they are too unstable. The funny thing is that mental instability generates money and ratings so that producers will want continue the show anyway.

'Rob & Chyna' is inspired by the success of 'Keeping up with Kardashians', and is the kind of television that has the potential to attract and maintain a massive following.

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