Meghan Edmonds has been trying really hard to ger pregnant and finally has a baby girl on the way. On this last episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Meghan spoke out about how she couldn't drink, but now viewers are actually accusing her of drinking on the show. Do you think that Meghan was really drinking?

What are the fans saying they saw?

Meghan Edmonds actually met with a genealogist while everyone else went to a pub crawl she helped set up for them. She wasn't drinking and enjoying herself like Vicki Gunvalson was, but now viewers are saying that they saw Meghan with a shot in her hand.

Of course, nobody seems to have any proof that Meghan took this drink. A fan tweeted to Meghan about how upset they were about it.

So what does Meghan Edmonds have to say about the accusations?

Meghan is not one to stay quiet, and she is speaking out about these accusations. She went to her Bravo blog saying that some doctors even say that it is okay to drink a glass of wine when you are pregnant, but that doesn't mean that she did it. Meghan said they offered her a beer, but it was a non-alcoholic one.

Meghan did drink it, but even says that it was "disgusting." So yes, she drank, but nothing that would harm her baby or even had real alcohol in it.

When it came to the trip to Ireland, Meghan went along, but she even said that she didn't do a few things on purpose because she knew it would be all about drinking. It is obvious that she was taking care of herself and her baby, but some of the viewers didn't see it that way at all.

This isn't the only time that Meghan has been accused of drinking on the show. She was seen drinking out of a champagne glass but insists that it was just ginger ale in her glass. Meghan knows everyone is watching her every move while on the show.

Are you shocked to hear that viewers believe Meghan Edmonds had a drink in her hand? Do you think that Meghan actually drank while she was pregnant? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don't miss the new episodes of "RHOC" on Monday nights on Bravo.

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