"The Real Housewives of Orange County" has a few cast members who are out for themselves and that's definitely the case with Vicki Gunvalson, according to a new report. A TV insider says there's a reason why she's keeping Kelly Dodd so close to her.Both women cultivated a strong bond quickly. A lot of chatter has followed Gunvalson for being tough on newcomers to "RHOC," but it's different with Dodd. According to a source speaking with Radaronline, the answer may well be revealed...and a former Housewife is involved, too!

Vicki Gunvalson benefits from Kelly Dodd

The "RHOC" veteran star gets along great with Dodd because she's fighting her battles for her. Kelly says what Vicki thinks, which alleviates Vicki from having to do any of the dirty work.This is all part of a scheme to assure that the other ladies don't elevate their status. The insider reveals that Gunvalson, Dodd, and Rossi want to rule "RHOC" as a team.

Kelly and Gretchen have become pals as well. Dodd is reportedly pushing to get Rossi back on "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Despite Rossi's absence from the show, she's on Twitter chiming in and taking sides.

She rallies behind Dodd and Gunvalson while bashing the other cast members. Every Tuesday she can be seen actively engaging in Twitter discussions about the previous episode of the show. A few weeks ago she wrote some vitriolic things about Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge.

Vicki, Kelly, and Gretchen would be the fiercest team in the Housewives franchise if that ever came to be. Three dominating personalities might be overkill, but it would deliver the drama producers love.

Current plots on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" would look tame compared to how it'd look if this threesome formed.

Locked and loaded for the 'RHOC' reunion

Will Vicki Gunvalson get what she wants having Kelly Dodd as her friend? It seems to be working for her so far. The two are prepared for the "RHOC" reunion...posting Instagram images of them shopping together and pledging to take on the other women if they start attacking them.

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