"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Vicki Gunvalson has faced a lot of criticism for her Kill All Cancer charity and now new reports indicate that she is seemingly changing her tune about the project a bit in a way that will surely get both her co-stars and the “RHOC” viewers buzzing. What's the latest?

Vicki distances herself fromthe project

Many of Vicki Gunvalson's critics have torn her to shreds over the Kill All Cancer charity that she was promoting. This project came after her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers allegedly fabricated his own cancer battle and the “RHOC” star faced plenty of criticism that she was involved in his scheme.

Radar Online reports that the Kill All Cancer project has been shut down and Gunvalson is distancing herself from it in some interesting ways. While she previously made it sound as if it were her baby, now she says that it wasn't her charity at all and she was solely a spokesperson for it.

Will 'RHOC' viewers believe Gunvalson?

As Vicki talked with Radar about the charity's website being voluntarily and temporarily taken down, she lashed out at those who had been criticizing her and accusing her of being involved solely for financial reasons.

Unfortunately for the “Real Housewives of Orange County” star, it doesn't look like the show's viewers are necessarily buying these new revelations from her. It seems rather unlikely that her “RHOC” co-stars who have been criticizing her will back down either.

Gunvalson confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that the charity was shut down due to all of the criticism it was receiving, including reports alleging that it was a scam due to not being properly registered as a non-profit.

Vicki maintains that she had only the best intentions when she got involved in it and while she had previously gushed about starting the charity due to her passion for fighting the disease, she clearly now wants to convince people that she was only marginally associated with the project.

Was “RHOC” star Vicki Gunvalson previously overstating her involvement with Kill All Cancer, or is she fibbing now as she insists that it wasn't her project and she was solely a spokesperson?

Will the project come back after the details are sorted out or was it a scam all along that will fully disappear? “Real Housewives of Orange County” fans are definitely buzzing about this situation and have strong opinions about what they think is true when it comes to Vicki's assertions.

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