Meghan King Edmonds can't defend Kelly Dodd after Monday night's episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," but she expresses compassion for her husband, Michael. Kelly and Michael's marriage isn't exactly smooth sailing and Meghan had something to say about that in her latest blog post on Bravo.

Kelly managed to alienate the women again when they traveled to Ireland. She annoyed Vicki Gunvalson with her jokes and peeved off Tamra when she told Shannon it's no wonder her daughter doesn't speak to her anymore. It was one of the most dramatic "RHOC" episodes of the season.

How Meghan King Edmonds feels about Kelly Dodd's behavior

In her blog, Meghan writes that she was appalled by the things that Kelly did when she was with the others on a pub crawl. Kelly's Jewish stereotypes, telling Tamra Judge about the allegation that Heather Dubrow got a loan to build her house, and bringing up Tamra's daughter, didn't go over well with Meghan. As viewers saw, Meghan cringed when Kelly told her about the confrontation with Tamra and how her daughter was the subject. After watching the episode, Meghan was glad she missed the chaos. She also wasn't impressed with Dodd's supposed apology. When she tells the women that she's sorry they're so sensitive, Meghan writes that's not an's passive-aggressive...which is the issues she sees in Kelly's marriage.

Meghan defends Michael Dodd

King Edmonds commented that Kelly Dodd's husband, Michael, seems to work hard in their marriage, but nothing is good enough. Meghan notes that she hates it when people act in that manner and feels that Kelly is passive-aggressive towards Michael. Meghan added that Kelly treats the girls the same way.

This perception of Meghan's has to upset Kelly since she feels slighted by Michael in their marriage.

The pair are seen on "RHOC" arguing about how they treat one another, but it's usually Kelly that starts the rocky exchanges between them. This is probably what Meghan is referring to because it's seen a lot with the couple.For the most part, King Edmonds and Dodd have been friends on the show, but will that soon change as well?

Do you agree with Meghan that Kelly is passive-aggressive with Michael?

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Monday nights on Bravo at 9 p.m., ET/6 p.m., PT.

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