Lisa Vanderpump was asked who she'd like to see join "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in an interview she gave to Daily Mail. See what she thinks!

Who would Lisa Vanderpump like to see on 'RHOBH'?

The 56-year-old businesswoman thinks it would be a blast for Lady Gaga or Maria Shriver, ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, to join the show. Vanderpump hastens to add that, of course, the housewife would have to be someone on her side! This has been a stance that the "Housewives" veteran star has touted all year since finding herself at the center of so many battles among the women.

Lady Gaga would make Erika Jayne seem tame on the show when it comes to flamboyance and performance shock value. Maria Shriver would fit in well given the fact she was married to a cheating Hollywood actor, and she's a famous woman in her own right. If either of the women signed on with "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," they'd no doubt spike the show's ratings.

Other show spoilers leaked

None of the spoilers for "RHOBH" have hinted that Lisa Vanderpump is feuding with anyone on a serious level.

Of course, she'll have some back up with two longtime friends as rookie cast members in season 7 -- Dorit Kemsley and Eden Sassoon. All signs point to Lisa having a rather easy season compared to those in the recent past.

As she told the Daily Mail, she's been beaten up so much on the show with the other women calling her a liar or a manipulator. She wondered whether she could sign on for another season on "RHOBH," and almost walked out after making producers sweat for a while.

When she finally signed the contract for season 7, one of the producers promised her she wouldn't regret it. Surely, they'll give her a break this season and have someone else fill the "ganged up on" role.

According to an insider for the show, there's a "kinda Erika vs. Lisa V." feud that's been leaked during this point in filming. Vanderpump is otherwise maintaining a "neutral" position on the show for the upcoming season.

Most of the drama is surrounding "the new girls."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season 7 will premiere in late fall on Bravo.

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