2016 was a whirlwind year for Rob Kardashian. His struggle with depression and weight crippled his self-esteem and severed the umbilical cord between him and his immediate family. However, a woman named Angela White, stage name "Blac Chyna," has transformed his bachelor lifestyle into committed fatherhood. The breakout television series "Rob and Chyna" documented their happiness and heartbreak throughout their relationship.


Questions about his loyalty, devotion, health and paternity crashed into this program with candid force. Rumors are now buried, and the truth can now fly in flashy banners. Kardashian is the father of White's daughter in utero. The proclamation lacks in shock value, but at least this couple will not have to worry about offensive clickbait. With the engagement ring on the finger, therapy sessions in the flesh, relationship in repair and baby bassinet on deck, Kardashian and White are ready to meet their firstborn.


The problems this duo has overcome

Throughout this show, drama was the consistent protagonist. Fights as serious as cheating allegations to spilled fries caused ruinous rifts between the two. During the finale, Kardashian admitted that he needed help for himself, his woman and his baby. When he and the therapist met, they discussed his issues with communication and paucity of trust. In order to repair his bond with White, they both needed to establish a healthy mode of communication and a pivotal foundation of reliance. However, during their last segment together, they seemed hopeful and excited about the future.

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In five years, according to Kardashian, he desired happiness, health and wealth. 

What will 2017 bring?

New Year's is only a few months away, and 2017 will gift unexpected surprises, successes, letdowns and mishaps. Can Kardashian and White survive the rises and pitfalls of the next chapter, or will they crumble against the pressure and expectation? I think if they work together as a team, talk instead of walk, love instead of hate and care for their child, then marriage might bookmark their love story.

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