The cattiness is spewing forth on the "Real Housewives of OC" with threats of deep dark secrets about to be revealed. Shannon Beador, who has recently found herself between a rock and a hard place with Vicki Gunvalson is taking the big girl approach to the situation. Despite taking the high road, she is still getting backlash from a couple of the other very rich housewives who make up this Orange County entourage!

Juicy secret

Vicki claims she has a deep dark secret about Shannon's marriage and that Vicki is not only hiding, but she is also lying about it.


Shannon was somewhere on the scale between peeved and mortified when hearing that Vicki had said this because she had just attempted to offer up an olive branch to this woman. 

Olive branch attempt 

The ladies from "Real Housewives of Orange County" continued to suggest to Shannon that she hasn't moved on from her problems with Vicki and this was getting old. So to prove that she had indeed put that behind her, Shannon walked into Heather's book signing with the intent of having a good time and maybe share a few laughs with Vicki.


Keep at arm's length

Shannon's mindset that day on her relationship with Vicki was that they will never share a close friendship again, but it doesn't mean they can't have some fun together. This is exactly what Shannon planned to do by attending the book party. At the same time, she had every intention at keeping Vicki at arm's length.

Threats, but no secret yet!

Shannon said that she would have never made this attempt if she had heard Vicki's recent allegations before going into that party, according to E News. Shannon said that either Vicki believes she is harboring some juicy secret of Shannon's that has to do with her marriage or she is lying.

While she has threatened to shake things up by sharing this secret she hasn't yet, Vicki is just dangling this like a carrot in front of a rabbit.

Shannon has no idea what Vicki thinks she might know, but she reminds the fans of "Real Housewives of Orange County" how she had cameras rolling last year when dealing with an embarrassing affair. She offered up this reminder that she really doesn't hide anything. Shannon also said that "we all know Vicki has the reputation of lying and deflection," so to say that she has some kind of secret about her marriage, Shannon calls this "a joke."

Damage control before the damage!

Shannon the referred to the flashback of Donn calling Vicki a "lying sack of dog sh*t" and points out how that statement wraps it up nicely, or not so nicely depending on how you look at it!

Shannon was adamant to convey that she does not lie, so what ever Vicki has up her sleeve, she's got nothing to hide.

You have to admit it was a rather shocking claim made by Vicki, but it looks as if Shannon had her say before this deep, dark and "whooper" of a secret about Shannon and David's marriage was headline news. The "Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Monday night at 9 p.m. on the Bravo Channel.


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