In January 2011, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas exchanged vows on the season finale of "RHOA."Their marriage of five years is now coming to an end and the star reveals that it will all play out on the upcoming season.According to People TV Watch, Bailey appeared on "The Real" and answered some tough questions asked by host Tamera Mowry. She admitted it is hard to watch the end of her marriage. She feels that the end of a marriage is always tragic but to stay in something that isn't working anymore is worse.

Peter attends the 'RHOA' cast vacation

Bailey revealed that her co-star Kandi Burruss and spouse Todd Tucker had invited Thomas on the cast trip to Hawaii.

She says it was awkward in the beginning of the trip because they don't normally see each other unless they are filming. Considering they are divorcing, vacationing together had to be uncomfortable.

The relationship between the "RHOA" stars has been in the public eye from the beginning. The cameras followed as they grew close, planned a wedding and began their lives together. There has been a few scandals including infidelity and at times an unfulfilling sex life between the couple. Being the only couple in the Atlanta version of the "Real Housewives" franchise to be married on the show has put them under the spotlight even more.

Just alittle bitof privacy please!

Bailey is honest and real about what is going on in her life as she always has been.

She wants to be open about things but of course wants a degree of privacy even though they are #realityTV stars. She and Thomas were friends first and she wants to be friends when the divorce is over. She has no plans to drag his name through the mud or disrespect him because the marriage has ended.

Hopefully, the two will make it through this and still be able to at least be friendly and respectful to each other.

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" is set to air on November 6th on Bravo at 7PM Central, 8PM Eastern. Season 9 will surely bring more of the drama fans tune in for each week.

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