After the grand success of Priyadarshan's "Oppam," the Complete Actor Mohanlal is now back in action with his big budget Malayalam outing "Pulimurugan" which hit the theaters all around the world on October 07, 2016.

The film is directed byVyshakh who has previously delivered some hit films including "Pokkiri Raja" and "Seniors." Just like his previous flicks, the filmmaker has made a fantastic film this time too, and it has reportedly impressed audiences of all genre.

The man, The Hunter and The real hero

''Pulimurugan" showcases the life of Murugan lovingly called as Pulimurugan among the people.

This brave hero knows even the minute pulses of the dense forest, and he is a master in capturing Tigers who attacks human beings. He lives with his wife and five-year-old daughter.

Things take a new turn in his life when a deadly tiger enters the scene. Will Murugan capture the tiger and save his people? The answer to this question forms the remaining part of the movie. In the meantime, the arrival of some baddies adds up the heat of the overall proceedings.

Deadly Stunts and flawless cinematography

The main highlights are the daredevil stunt sequences by Peter Hein.

Mohanlalhas once again proved that he is a master in performing action scenes, and it was a real treat to watch him beating up baddies to the pulp. Interestingly, the actor has not availed the service of any dupe artists to do these scenes, and it clearly indicates his dedication towards his profession.

Live public response:

The visuals captured by Shaji Kumarare breathtaking. The young cameraman has shot the wilderness of the forest in the most elegant manner, and some helicam shots will give you a wow feel for sure.

Gopi Sundar's background scores are also impressive, but the songs in this film seem unnecessary.

Watch trailer video:

Theaters flooding with fans

As expected, all the theaters in Kerala have witnessed 100% attendance. Trade experts believe that this film will break the initial collection records created by "Oppam" recently and in all probabilities, it will fetch more than Rs 4 crores by the end of the opening day.

The opening weekend collections will inevitably cross Rs 12 Crore making it the biggest opener ever in the history of Malayalam cinema.

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