Priyanka Chopra is the top star of Bollywood and the first to have made a significant success in Hollywood and TV. Priyanka, who won the Miss World title in 2002, hasn't looked back sincethat. She appears to have the Midas touch with success in Bollywood and in show biz in America. Priyanka auditioned for the role of Alex Parrish in the series Quantico and was selected, though the role was for an American girl and Priyanka is Indian. But the fact that she schooled in the USA probably helped her to bag the role.

Sizzling scenes and video

Along with success in Hollywood( she also stars in the movie Baywatch) and theTV series "Quantico"Priyanka has made news with her sizzling sceneswith her costar Jake McLaughlin. In the seriesPriyanka plays Alex Parrish and McLaughlin her boyfriend Ryan Booth. Both have excellent chemistry together and the intimate scenes which are all overYoutube showthat they may be in love as well.

Priyanka also flaunts a flawless body that adds to her allure on the TV screen. She appears in a bikini in the series and positively stuns the viewers as she comes out of the swimming pool all wet and glistening.

People have been talking about her bikini scene and the photoshave gone viral on the net.


"Quantico" series 2 is now on and Priyanka again will sizzle the small screen. These roles have made theBollywood star among the top 10 highestpaid TV stars in the world as per Forbes list. Not a mean achievement for a small town girl whose father was an army officer.

Priyanka has impressed a vast number of people with her performance in the series.

But the public is also talking about her steamy scenes with Jake McLaughlin. Her love scene with Jake in a car does not look like acting. Back home in India Priyanka's success has been hailed and many more actresses are trying for American TV and showbiz. It will not be easy to duplicate the success of Priyanka.

Rumor mills always keep churning and many are wondering if Priyanka and Jake will get hitched together in real life.

One will have to wait and see.

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