China and India are rivals in Asia but good business sense is prevailing. China is a large market and Bollywood would like to tap into it. The Chinese film industry is not on par with Bollywood, which rivals Hollywood. But China is a vast market with a population bigger than India and it's good business sense to have a film that will sell in China and India as well.

Rivalry: Deepika and Priyanka

The tabloid Mumbai mirror has reported that producer SidharthAnand is planning to make a film in China titled "Love in Beijing,"As per reports, the two top heroines of Bollywood Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone who are also rivals are being considered for the role.

Both starred together in the film "Bajirao Mastani" but reports indicate that Deepika was miffed when she learned that Priyanka was paid more than her. She is also miffed that Priyanka has made it good in the USA with the TV serial "Quantico." She also stars in the Hollywood film "Baywatch." Deepika has to yet to be a success in Hollywood though she has bagged a film.

Both actresses are rivals and certainly not friends as Deepika did not send a birthday greeting on Priyanka's 34th birthday. Producer Sidharth has confirmed that the movie will be shot in China and will have a Chinese star as hero. The film is a heart warming love affair between a Chinese man and an Indian girl. China's top star Deng Chao is being considered for the role of the lover.

As per Anand the film will be a cross-cultural love affair.

Indo-Chinese film

The Chinese have given the go-ahead for the movie, as they already are one of India's biggest trade partners with a turnover of 72 billion dollars, which is heavily weighted in China's favor. China would also like to keep its channels open to India in light of the Indo-American strategic partnership.

Last word

Bollywood is making a bee line for China and Salman Khan is also in the running with producer Kabir Khan with a film to be shot in China. Public interest is however fired up with the news that either Priyanka or Deepika will be the heroine star of the film. Knowing the intense rivalry between the two, it will be interesting to see who Sidharth casts.

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