App games are becoming an increasingly popular way to amuse children and Toca Bocais one of the leading franchises of open-play apps. Since its establishment in 2011, Toca Boca has become one of the most well-known and beloved children's app producers in the world. Akin to Dr Panda, Toca Boca focuses on producing games that encourage kids to use their imaginations instead of a set form of play. Boasting 150 million of downloads globally, the company recently extended its reach to a video service designed specifically for kids.

Toca TV launched in October of 2016 and featured age-appropriate content for children. Toca TV is designed with youngsters in mind unlike the platforms designed by YouTube and Netflix. To date, thousands of videos are available via Toca TV with many more videos to be added weekly.


Targeted primarily at youngsters ages five to nine, Toca TV aims to take the essence of the apps and incorporate them into the videos which are fun and inspirational. The platform enables kids to browse videos based on preference and save favourites.

Kids can even use the recording tool to play around with their own videos and dress them up via the animated stickers and filters that are programmed into the system. Presently, most of the content — which is carefully curated and vetted — is sourced from around the web. In fact, Toca Boca partnered with several multi-channel networks — including DreamworksTV, the kids and family brand from AwesomenessTV and more than 75 independent creators — to build up the Toca TV library.

“We’re designing Toca TV from the perspective of kids, and it’s my job to make sure that the content delights our audience and inspires them to play with video and get them behind and in front of the camera themselves,” said Dave Glauber, the Content Director at Toca Boca. “We’re also working hard to make sure that every single video is pre-screened and hand-selected by our team. We don’t include third-party advertisements or videos that model inappropriate behaviour.”


Toca TV is most interested in stylish, funny and absurdly unique material that is visually eye catching and cognitively constructive.

Essentially, content that promotes and celebrates playfulness is most cherished. “We especially like videos which kids can copy at home using their phone and their stuff,” said Dave Glauber noting that the most compelling videos inspire play. “We have designed a scoring system and score potential videos based on their qualities,” he explained. “A video has to reach a certain score and also avoid certain elements like depicting violence or reinforcing gender stereotypes for us to run it on Toca TV. The goal is to separate the excellent from the mediocre, and to curate content that we think kids should see versus the content that’s simply targeted at kids.” To date, their format has been working wonders and new videos — mostly all short-form — are added every Saturday and Sunday.

Some of the videos include beloved characters from the Toca Boca games while others feature brand new characters. Given that Toca TV is working with numerous creators, there are already thousands of videos to choose from and, therefore, something for everyone. The platform is now globally available on the App Store.

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