The launch of Pokémon Sun and Moon is getting closer and therefore, we have access to more and more information about these new creatures. Just two days ago it was confirmed, the Game Freak as the new title for Nintendo 3DS, which is a feature called (QR Rental Teams), which has recovered from a classic franchise better known as Pokémon Stadium, that already at the end of the 90s, allowed us to see our creatures in three dimensions. However, just afew hours ago, the official Japanese website for Sun & Moonrevealed and confirmed the full size of data storage, which users will need, to store the files of the game.

Next, we will be talking about this new, interesting information.

Larger size

According to the new information revealed recently by this Japanese source, to download the game will require 26,215 blocks, approximately 3.2 GB of memory. However, if the users, also intend to download the new demo, they could have problems to get it done. The standard card is 4GB, although the final space always is lower. Since the demo version might take up about 400 MB, the capacity of the card may be insufficient to store both contents simultaneously.

This would not be a problem, except that the demo will allow fighting against a Greninja that transforms into Greninja Ash. Therefore, if the users deletethe data before installing the final game, they would lose this advance for their adventures inAlola. In the same way, it seems entirely advisable that players who have already decided to purchase think about purchasing a new SD card larger in order to avoid risks.

Additional information

Interestingly, as we have noted from the portal, Pokémon Sun and Moon are the games that most occupy so far in the series. So much so that, Pokémon X and Y totaling 1.7GB, as Pokémon Ruby Omega and Alpha Sapphire supposed 1.8GB of storage. This would show that, as noted, the graphics have been considerably polished in the next installment to account for a much larger size.


Below you will find a video further elaborating the information we have discussed here, offering further insight. Enjoy.

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