"Pokémon Go" may have swept the world this summer, but coming this November is a return to what made the app so popular: the games. And as of October 18th, anyone can download a free demo of the new Pokémon games: Sun and Moon. Forget the troubles of the U.S. election, the real question is which to buy: Sun or Moon?

Why two games?

Most Pokémon games come in at least two versions, with different creatures featured in each game. With about eight hundred unique Pokémon that have been released over the past two decades, there are plenty of Pokémon that could be local to just one version, so collaboration between players or use of Nintendo’s online features is vital.

But, the newest games are going a step further. There will be actual, visual differences, in which the majority of Moon will appear as if it is being played at night, and Sun during the day.

What’s new in the series, besides new Pokémon?

Each game explores a specific region of the Pokémon world, based off of a real world location. In the previous two games, the regions were called Kalos and Unova, and were geographically modeled after Northern France and New York City, respectively.

This time around, the region is called Alola, and is based off of the Hawaiian Islands.

What’s new in Alola?

Unlike every other Pokémon game, Sun and Moon deviate from the traditional eight gym-format, and instead of gym battles there will be the Island Challenge Trials.

Instead of defeating gym leaders, players will need to travel throughout each of the four islands, completing trials, and they’re not limited to just battling. According to Nintendo's website, this will consist of “completing tests of knowledge” and “finding items.” Each island has a “Grand Trial,” or the final test on that island, where the protagonist will have a Pokémon battle against the island’s Kahuna.

There’s a twist, of course, but you’ll just have to play the game to find out!

What’s in the Sun and Moon Demo?

The Special Demo is set in Hau'oli City. The player will be faced with certain tasks they need to complete, and after they can explore both the city and the surrounding areas with a Greninja, a starter Pokémon from the previous game. The user will be able to transfer Greninja to the full version of the game once it comes out.

Pokémon Sun and Moon is set to be released worldwide on November 18th.

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