Phil Collins reportedly still holds a huge grudge over a remark that Paul McCartney once made to him more than 14-years ago! The "Can't Hurry Love" hitmaker has revealed a few of his biggest secrets during a recent interview, the biggest being that he has been harboring a grudge against former Beatle Paul McCartney since 2002. The riff reportedly went down when the two music icons were both performing at Buckingham Palace's Queen Golden Jubilee.

Did Paul McCartney mean to insult Phil Collins?

Collins recalls the event quite clearly, and obviously is not a forgive and forget kind of guy. Phil's version goes something like this.

He was thrilled to be included in the event that his musical idol Paul McCartney was also performing at and asked Paul if he would sign his copy of author Hunter Davis' book "The Beatle."

Phil Collins reunites with third wife!

Paul, who is now 74, is said to have looked to his then wife Heather Mills and made a remark about Collins appearing to be a "bit of a Beatles' fan" well, the the tone must have come off as rude, and as if Paul was looking down his nose at Collins, 65, enough so that Phil has never gotten over the event, and lost his respect for Paul McCartney.

If this is a true story could it be that Phil Collins might have taken McCartney's remark wrong, maybe coming off as a bit too much as a starstruck fan, or could Paul at the time have been just a bit too full of himself?

Obviously it had to have stung a bit for Phil, though no Beatle, but still every bit as talented a musician, or he would not be bothered by it all these years later, wouldn't you agree?

Phil Collins also announced during the interview that he would be coming out of his ten-year-retirement in June of 2017, performing a number of shows in the upcoming year including a five-night residency at London's Royal Albert Hall.

Since he was opening up about his life, he also revealed that he had recently reunited with his third wife Orianne Cervey.

He also (jokingly?) made mention that the jewelry maker also has not offered to return one cent of the amount of the millions of dollars he paid her during their divorce settlement ten years ago.

Phil, in fun, also said that since he had reunited with Cervey he believes he should only have two divorces on record instead of three?

It is hard to tell whether, or not Phil Collins is joking around, or making subtle hints to his wife that he would like to have some of his cash returned to his bank account, either way, it appears she is not biting, as for the Paul McCartney feud, it seems as if things would have been put to rest on this one already.

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