Bollywood has a global presence in Hollywood. Many foreign actors want to work in Bollywood and Pakistani film stars who get a poor remuneration in Pakistan try and strike out in Mumbai. Many Indian film producers often cast Pakistani stars who are all Muslims to act in Mumbai films. None of the Pakistani stars have reached the top rung of the ladder in Bollywood, but they do make a lot of hard cash compared to the pittance in paid in the Pakistan film industry.


Time and tide wait for none and suddenly these Pakistani stars who are all Muslims are at the receiving end. After the Uri terrorist attack in which 19 Indian soldiers were killed, patriotic and near chauvinist behavior has swept the country. Many Indians are asking why the Pak actors are allowed to work in India as none have condemned the Uri massacre. Feelings on this issue are running high in India.


The MNS ultimatum.

The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena( MNS) a splinter party of the Shiv Sena, has taken up cudgels against the Pakistani actors and also the Indian producers who have cast them. The leader of the MNS is a hot-headed man and he has announced that he will thrash producers like Karan Johar and Mahesh Bhat as they invariably give roles to Pakistani artists. Earlier the MNS leader had given an ultimatum to all the Muslim stars from Pakistan to leave India within 48 hours.

Fearing violence, all the Muslim stars from Pakistan have gone back. On pressure from Raj the IMPA( Indian motion pictures producers association) has now banned all Pakistani actors from working in Hindi films.

Ban on Muslim actors

Raj Thackeray has now gone one step further and announced that he will not allow two films which Pakistani Muslim artists to be released in Mumbai. The films are Shahrukh Khans' "Raees" and  "Aye Dil hai Mushkil." Bollywood itself is split on the subject with Muslim stars like Salman Khan wanting to differentiate between terrorists and film artists from Pakistan.

This has angered Raj,who has asked Salman Khan to leave India and go to Pakistan. The atmosphere is volatile in India and Muslim stars from Pakistan will find it difficult to find work in Bollywood. There is no denying the fact that religion  is a factor in banning the Muslim stars from Pakistan.

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