Oprah Winfrey is usually vocal on many things, but she has kept a low profile during the 2016 Election. She will appear on the "T.D. Jakes" talk show next Thursday, October 27 to explain why she hasn't spoken out publicly about the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or Republican nominee Donald Trump. A clip of what she told Jakes' audience and television viewers is brief, but it speaks volume. Hear what she says in her own words in the videotape that is at the end of this article.

Oprah discusses the election

The television personality did not campaign for either one of the candidates. She did say she was supporting the Democratic nominee, and up to this point she has only said, "I'm with her." The 62-year-old entrepreneur explains that she hasn't spoken out because she doubts if she would have been heard over all the bitterness, name calling, and disgusting chaos during this campaign over more than a year.

The media mogul said she can't believe there are still undecided voters this late in the campaign. Shestated that people are saying they don't have much of a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In reference to Clinton, people are saying they just don't like her. Oprah said you don't have to like her to vote for her because she is not coming over to your house. Sheemphasized her position by saying you don't have to like her to like this country. Oprah Winfrey does not care if you like Hillary Clinton or not, she just wants you to vote for her.

Democracy or a demagogue?

Oprah believes if Donald Trump wins the election, the country will no longer be a democracy. Like many other people, she believes he is a demagogue and will turn the country into what he and he alone wants it to be.The taping for the "T.D.

Jakes" show was done before Trump added two more negative labels of Americans. During the third Presidential Debate last Wednesday night he called his opponent a "nasty woman." Later, women like Joy Behar on "The View" began wearing nasty woman t-shirts.

He referenced "bad hombres." On Thursday night Jimmy Kimmel's sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez, who is a Mexican wore a red baseball cap that read "Bad Hombre." Up until now, he has body shamed women calling them ugly, fat, fat-piglet and many other things.

He has mocked the mentally challenged and labeled other people. If Trump becomes president, everybody in the United States might have to end up wearing one of his labels whether it is on a t-shirt, cap, tax returns, social security forms or on something else that will affect the nation's livelihood.Like Oprah asked,“Do you like democracy, or do you want a demagogue?"

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