"Once Upon A Time" is juggling several storylines in season 6. This includes Regina and the Evil Queen, both portrayed by Lana Parrilla. It seems that the "OUAT" villain keeps getting ahead. However, spoilers for season 6, episode 7 reveal that Regina Mills may have found a way to fight back.

The Evil Queen's storyline in 'OUAT'

Regina's attempt to separate herself from the Evil Queen failed. Somehow, the "Once Upon A Time" villain survived, even without a heart. She is determined to make everyone in Storybrooke miserable, especially Snow White.

Regina is trying to do damage control, but the big bad cannot be killed. It seems the only way to get rid of the alter ego is by Regina dying, like what happened with Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. However, nobody plans on killing Regina. However, there might be another way.

Rumple and the Evil Queen's relationship

Regina's alter ego had an interesting relationship with Rumple. While Mr. Gold has refused her advances so far, the villain tries to woo him anyway. Since the villain uses the past against the Storybrooke characters, Regina might use Rumple's relationship against the big bad, according to BuddyTV.

What else will happen in the episode titled 'Heartless'?

"Once Upon A Time" spoilers tease that Zelena will give Belle advice. A bounty hunter is sent after Snow White and she tries to escape him. Also, Snow and Charming must "surrender their hearts" or else the town will be destroyed by the big bad. Knowing the characters, Snow and Charming will probably agree to the terms, but there must be a way to stop it.

Will good or evil win in 'Once Upon A Time?'

There is no solid answer to this question yet, but "OUAT" fans are hoping that good prevails in season 6. After all, the entire show is based on finding happy endings. Let's hope that the Evil Queen can be destroyed so the rest of the characters can reclaim their happiness.

What do you think is going to happen in season 6, episode 7? Do you have any predictions for the next episode of "Once Upon A Time"?

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