"Once Upon A Time" airs a new episode tonight on ABC network. What can "OUAT" fans expect from the characters? According to the latest spoilers, Snow and Charming are next to be targeted by the Evil Queen.

'Once Upon A Time' 6x5 details

The title of tonight's "OUAT" episode is "Street Rats." According to ABC network, the synopsis reveals it is going to feature Aladdin and Jasmine's story. However, there will be other characters in the episode, too. Those include Snow and Charming, who are a fan favorite couple.

The Evil Queen targets the Charming family

Regina Mills separated herself from her alter ego. Now, the villain is more dangerous than ever and is determined to destroy everyone's happiness in Storybrooke. However, her number one target has always been Snow White, who is also known as Mary Margaret. Tonight, she will try to cause a division in Snow and Charming's relationship.

The Evil Queen's plans for Snow and Charming

During the past few episodes, the characters in Storybrooke realized what the Evil Queen was trying to do.

Regina started to think like her former naughty self and realized that the villain relies on the cracks that are already in the foundation. From there, all she has to do is sit back and watch it crumble. "Once Upon A Time" season 6 spoilers tease something similar for "Street Rats." Regina's alter ego will try to divide the Charming family by putting more pressure on the fractured pieces in their fairy tale romance.

Will the 'OUAT' villain succeed?

Even though the big bad does have a good plan, it will only work in the short-term. Since there are already cracks in Snow and Charming's relationship, there might be a fight or a few trust issues. However, in the long-term, this couple is meant to survive. "Once Upon A Time" fans are confident that the enemy will not succeed. In fairy tales, good always wins and "OUAT" is all about finding happy endings.

What do you think is going to happen in "Street Rats"? Can Snow and Charming survive the Evil Queen in "Once Upon A Time"?

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