Alright, "Once Upon A Time" fans. I've got a couple of spoiler treats for you guys in the form of 2 new sneak peek/spoiler clips (below) for the upcoming 4th episode of "Once Upon A Time's" 6th season. They recently showed up on YouTube, and they look very interesting as we see some intense backstory on Dr. Jekyll. Gold sports a new, snazzy haircut, but runs into major problems with Mr. Hyde, and more. The episode is titled, "Strange Case."

Dr. Jekyll gets a visit from Rumpelstiltskin

To get things started, the first clip gives us some flashback footage, featuring Dr.

Jekyll getting prepped to make his presentation to Mary's father. However, the meeting doesn't go so well as Mary's father is highly skeptical that Jekyll's serum is safe and free of dangerous side effects. I definitely don't blame him, especially after Jekyll rambles on about it splitting up a man's personality and what not.

The clip caps off with Jekyll getting a visit from the corrupt Rumpelstiltskin after expressing intense anger over his failure to get the support of Mary's father as it would have granted Jekyll membership into the scientific academy.

Mr. Gold gets a new hair cut

In the second clip, we catch a glimpse of Goldshowing up with a shorter, more snazzy hairdo while getting a visit from the Evil Queen. Things end up getting real intense, real quick when Mr. Hyde shows up on the scene, asking Gold to hand over some special necklace he's looking for.

Gold learns that Mr. Hyde can't be killed

When Hyde tells Gold that he won't give him anything in return for the necklace, Gold tries to choke the life out of him, but is startled to learn that Hyde can't be killed.

So, basically, Gold would have to keep him in the magical choke hold ,forever, if he wants to hold on to that necklace.

Hook tries to protect Belle

In addition to those 2 sneak peek clips, we got a press release from ABC, revealing the official synopsis for episode 4. It turns out that we're going to also see Snow White return to being a school teacher, and she will be quite excited about it. Emma is going to be excited that Hook is shacking up with her.

However, we'll see Hook involved in a really intense situation, trying to make sure Belle is protected from Mr. Gold, because he has apparently confined her to residing in a pirate ship.

Rumpelstiltskin helps Jekyll complete his weird serum

We also learn that a flashback scene will be shown, featuring Rumpelgiving Dr. Jekyll the assistance that he needs to complete his serum, which splits a person's personality up. However, Rumpel will, of course, demand a hefty fee for his services.

Episode 6 is currently scheduled to hit the airwaves tomorrow night, October 16th, 2016 at 7pm central time, so be sure to set your DVRs, watches or clocks for that, and stay tuned.

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