Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel generated a lot of buzz during “Big Brother 18” with their showmance and the two almost managed to make it to the finale together. Fans had been quite curious to see if this showmance would transition into a true romance once the show ended and it looks like Nicole and Corey are still together. What's the latest on this “BB18” duo?

Franzel has found love during 'Big Brother'previously

As “Big Brother” fans know, this isn't Nicole Franzel's first showmance-turned-romance from the franchise. She first fell for Hayden Moss during Season 16 and the two remained a couple for quite some time.

In fact, it seems a bit difficult to pinpoint just when Nicole and Hayden broke up and it appears as if they may well have remained a couple until shortly before she left for Season 18.

Franzel and Brooks are facing a long-distance romance if they do try to develop a relationship going forward, as she lives in Michigan and he is in Texas. However, Nicole has just arrived at Corey's for a weekend visit and the two did not wait long to post photos together on social media. He has said that he's excited to have her in Dallas for the weekend and she posted a different photo noting that they were hanging out together.

'Nicorey' fans are rooting for them to make it

“Big Brother” fans obviously adore “Nicorey” together, as both photos that Nicole and Corey posted on Instagram garnered around 40,000 “likes” a piece in less than a day.

Many of Brooks and Franzel's“BB18” supporters think they look adorable together, but there are some who think their body language is more like two pals hanging out together than a romantic couple.

Could Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks be the next big couple to last from “Big Brother”? There are a few success stories from the franchise already, like Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd who just welcomed their first baby together, and there seems to be hope for other Season 18 pairs as well.

It's too soon to know if Corey and Nicole can become the next Jeff and Jordan, but “BB18” fans are definitely rooting for these two.

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