The release of the latest "Walking Dead" Season 7 has left die-hard fans in a major uproar. The trailer was released over the weekend at the NYC Comic-Con and has brought on numerous mixed emotions from fans worldwide. With just two weeks left before the "Walking Dead" Season 7 debut the great debate over which main character (s) will be left in a gory puddle of goo by Negan and Lucille has begun to heat up once again.

Have 'Walking Dead' spoilers been wrong all along?

It is no secret that AMC left millions of fans completely outraged in the season 6 cliffhanger after Negan chose his victim, swung the barbed wire covered bat, Lucille, just as the camera fades to black.

Six months is a long time to be left without answers, right? So it came as no surprise that fans immediately began every available spoiler site in hopes of finding any and all clues as to which member of the group Negan took out with Lucille.

Things began to settle down a bit after one of the main spoiler sites confirmed that the season opener would not find us mourning one, but two deaths. Spoilers below!! If you have managed thus far to avoid season 7 spoilers then turn back now because what has recently come to light is going to blow your minds!

Okay, so it was first revealed that Abe and Glenn were to lose their lives in "TWD" Season 7 opener, which really left fans upset, but now, just days before the big event the newly released teaser has many singing a different tune.

The trailer shows Rick and Negan facing off just minutes after the gruesome kill with Rick threatening to kill Negan. Rick's face on the right side is splattered with blood hinting that whoever was killed was on Rick's right. Now think back to the circle line up.

New clues may reveal who Negan really killed on 'TWD' Season 7 debut!

Negan does not take Rick's threat too kindly and drags Rick off to the RV to deal with him in a manner that is not yet known. Just after Negan takes off with Rick the camera cuts to a scene of the ground where lies a boot, a blanket and a huge bloody mess o what used to be a beloved character.

Now numerous fans believe Negan'scharactermay have taken a slight shift one no one really expected and killed Maggie! Thousands of comments have been flooding social media with fans claiming that they believe they spotted what appears to be Maggie's wedding ring in the mass of blood and guts.

OMG! What if all along, pretty much everyone was wrong with their guesses, spoilers etc, and AMC has pulled off the biggest did not see it coming event in TV history? That would be sad, but amazing at the same time. Could be, maybe, but most likely not!

Here is why we think not, Abe is also on Rick's right, just after Maggie. Remember Maggie is very sick and could have passed out from fear and shock during Abe's brutal beatdown, with Rick turning that direction just as Abe is hit catching the blood splatter.

Where is "Dexter" when we need him?

The blood splatter and goo photo looks to be different things to different people. Everyone who looks long and hard enough, squinting their eyes just tight enough manages to see different things, including Maggie's ring, Michonne's hair and Abe's mustache to name a few of the most popular choices.

All we can say is that AMC has pulled off the biggest kept who died ever secret than BRAVO, but according to pretty fairly accurate spoiler experts this is just a mess with your mind play, and they still believe that it will be Abe and Glenn whose lives will come to a gruesome end on Sunday, October 23rd when the "Walking Dead" returns to AMC. Who do you believe we will say goodbye to very soon?

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