Alright, "The Walking Dead" fans. I'm still recovering from last week's premiere! Poor Glenn and Abraham. Anyways, the show must go on, and it indeed does. I've got a small piece of spoiler scoopage from AMC for the upcoming episode 3 of the show's current 7th season to share with you guys. It sounds really intriguing as we're going to get introduced to yet another new group of people, and more.

A very interesting title is revealed

To get this little spoilery update started, the producers have decided to call this episode: "The Cell." It sounds very interesting, and it could be quite telling,but we'll never know until we see this episode, because AMC isn't giving up much information, at all, in their latest synopsis spoilers.

A new group shows up with some impressive stuff

Speaking of the synopsis spoilers, lets go ahead and jump right into them. I turns out that this episode is going to feature the introduction of another new group or community that seems to just have the world at their fingertips, displaying a very impressive lifestyle and what not.

A hefty price is paid

However, the synopsis, concludes by suggesting that this lifestyle, may be coming at a pretty shady price for these people. One thing's for sure, they are paying some sort of a price for it, and it should be very interesting to find out what that price is, for sure.

Ok, guys. So, that's all AMC would give up for episode 3 at the moment. There are some other spoiler rumors, getting thrown around out there for the season as a whole. Most of them are using the comicbook series as source, though. And sense the producers vary things up from time to time, that isn't the most reliable source. Anyhow, one the comicbook spoilers, suggests that Spencer could be next in line to get his life taken by crazy Neagan!

Again though, it's just speculation at this point.

More episode 3 spoilers are coming tonight

Getting back to the episode 3 spoilers, be sure to lookout for the sneak peak clips that AMC serves up , tonight, after episode 2 airs, because they will certainly reveal more information about the episode.

Episode 3 is set to air next week

According to the schedule that I'm looking at, you guys should expect episode 3 to air next Sunday night, November 6th, 2016 at 8pm central time on AMC, so be sure to make note of that on your TV schedules, and stay tuned.

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