Alright, "Vampire Diaries" fans. CW recently revealed the official spoilers for your favorite show's upcoming 3rd episode for season 8. I just got a chance to look them over, and they sound like we'll see some more very intense and high drama stuff go down as Bonnie gets put in a deadly situation where tough decisions have to be made! Damon gets a visit from Tyler Lockwood, who is apparently, trying to talk some sense into him, and more.

A lengthy and fitting title is revealed

To get this spoiler party started, the producers decided to name this episode: "You Decided That I Was Worth Saving." That sounds like a very interesting and telling title, especially for the Bonnie situation.

Enzo keeps trying to fight free

Anyways, moving things right along here, lets go ahead and dive right into this juicy synopsis that The CW was so kind enough to give up. It turns out that we're going to see Enzo keep up the valiant fight to free himself of the thing that is controlling him.

Bonnie's in some serious trouble

At this point, we also learn that we'll see Bonnie, involved in ,what they're calling, a deadly game, which is going to force her to have to make a very painful decision between the 2 most important people in her freaking life!

Alaric searches high and low for the answer to their troubles

Meanwhile, we're going to see Alaric at the Armory, desperately searching for a very special and mysterious artifact that will , supposedly, help them in their attempt to get Enzo and Damon back.

Tyler Lockwood returns

Then to cap off the spoiler reveals for this episode, we're going to see the return of Tyler Lockwood (guest star: Michael Trevino) to the Mystic Falls scene!

Apparently, he is going to, at some point, try to talk some sense into Damon before time runs out. We're also going to see Stefan and Caroline, appear in this episode at some point. It was written by Chad Fiveash & James Stoteraux, and Michael Karasick directed it.

Alright, so that's all we got for this episode, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the weekly spoiler promo clip that CW will serve up after episode 2 airs tonight.

It will certainly reveal more details about this episode.

Episode 3 is confirmed to air on November 4th

According to the press release, episode 3 is confirmed to air next Friday night, November 4th, 2016 at 7pm central time on The CW, so be sure to mark that date down on your TV calendars, and stay tuned.

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