Hey, "Shameless" fans. I've got a couple of official spoiler teasers to reveal to you for the upcoming Showtime hit comedy/drama, "Shameless" episode 4 of season 7. These come straight from Showtime. They sound like they'll be pretty interesting and wild as usual as Fiona comes up with a new party idea. Frank is till trying to scheme with his new homeless family, and more.

Frank comes up with another scheme

To kick this spoiler session off, I'm going to give you guys the title of episode 4, which is: "I Am A Storm." It sounds interesting enough.

As for the actual synopsis, they reveal that we're going to see Frank begin to, not surprisingly, get hit with worry that he and his new family are going to lose their home for the Homeless shelter. In light of that, he will cook up some scheme to offer up goodwill for the neighborhood. Only God knows what that will entail, but I'm sure it's going to turn out to be something crazy, knowing how Frank is.

Fiona throws illegal party

Ok, so for this 2nd and last part of the synopsis, the focus is thrown on Fiona's character.

It turns out that we're going to see her, looking to try to drum up more business for the restaurant, and will cook up a plan to throw a speakeasy party at Patsy's Pies. For those of you who don't know what a speakeasy party is, it means that Fiona will be illegally selling alcoholic beverages in the Patsy's Pies place during this party. So, yeah. That falls right in line with what we can expect to see from Fiona.

Ok, so that's all of the official spoilers that Showtime gave us for this episode. We'll get to see more of what's taking place in it when they release the official, sneak peek clips, tonight, after episode 3 airs. So, be on the lookout for those as I will get them posted to this site when Showtime gets them uploaded.

Episode 4 is set to air next Sunday

You can look for episode 4 to air on Sunday night, October 23rd, 2016 at 9pm eastern standard time on Showtime.

So, be sure to mark that date down on your TV calendars. Also, remember to check back, next week, as I'll be back with the new, official spoilers for the 5th episode of the season. Right now, I can tell you that it's titled, "Own Your Sh*t." Yep, that sounds like a trademark "Shameless" title to me. Stay tuned.

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